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Realtor - Real Estate Agency

House Viewing

Residential & Land
K1 and Nef has advanced existing partnership by opening a nef | arsa office in Mannheim fully managed by experienced representatives from K1 group of companies to offer investment opportunities for European resident clients in Nef branded, risk free, instant delivery and deed issued land lots in Turkey and the USA.

Leasing is a matter of planning. Leasing plan shall meet the expectations, should be reachable and also sustainable. The leasing team should be experienced and familiar to the location and outer catchment area of the asset. They should have a reliable relation with the investor. We provide fully integrated leasing services to the types of assets detailed here below;

Shopping Centres
Office Buildings
Residential Buildings
Department Stores

Our marketing function includes activities such as; sales promotion, display, investor relations, media planning & purchase, visitor – client relations, special day events, crisis communication, leasing department support, seasonal decorations, customer services and visual display.

Changes on marketing activities are continuous and we apply market assessment practices to safeguard owners from changing market conditions.

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