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Our investment criterias always are inline with generally accepted "Environmental, Social & Governance" practices built on sustainablity.

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We are very sensitive to energy use, waste, pollution, natural resource conservation, and treatment of living beings. Before every project we carefully evaluate environmental risks and would prefer not to get related to any projects where might be issues related to contaminated land, hazardous waste disposal, toxic emissions, or risks with their compliance with government environmental regulations.

We especially prioritize real estate projects which we can turn around old and decaying buildings by modernizing and renovating them to bring them back to life rather than build new ones from scratch.  

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We are very sensitive to social aspect of conducting business and the way fair relation set and managed with all stakeholders, investors, business partners and our employees as well as contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers that hold the same values as it claims to hold. We donate time and / or money for charitable causes within the local community and encourage employees to perform volunteer work there. We prioritize employees’ health and safety and apply a work and life balance for their wellbeing’s.

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We use accurate and transparent accounting methods, and those stockholders are allowed to vote on important issues.
We avoid conflicts of interest at all levels of hierarchy, never use political contributions to obtain unduly favourable treatment and, especially implement very strict approach not to engage in illegal practices.

We apply necessary set of rules, policies, and processes that ensures corporate activities are aligned to support business goals. It encompasses ethics, resource management, accountability, and management controls.

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