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Curent Asset

Karree Mannheim is a retail, commercial and office centre and offers its visitors culinary pleasure experience, enhanced shopping opportunity and lifestyle atmosphere in a unique place. The lifestyle & business centre gives the City of Mannheim an additional attraction through the intercultural link between shopping, leisure, and work. The modern and harmonious design with its wide-open spaces and open views creates a lot of space for all senses and the discovery of new horizons. 

After the successful acquisition of Mömax building in 2016 together with H.I.G. Capital, K1 Holding undertook its redesign and conversion until 2019 from an aging commercial building into an attractive “retail, commercial & office” compound. K1 has not only performed all the construction and design phases but also acted as the real estate agent to find high quality tenants to drive additional traffic in and out of the centre.

Mannheim is known for its infamous “quadrate” pattern and within this unique city design Karre Mannheim locates at. Furthermore, it is within the pedestrian zone especially known for high visiting statistics for Mannheim residents, people from surrounding cities and even from neighbouring countries for weekend shopping, dining and cultural activities such as music festivals in this multi-cultural city. After all, Mannheim is proud to be the “UNESCO City of Music”.

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Under Development - Mid Stage

K1 is proud to offer a new residential building development, in addition to penthouses and modern apartments, THE SIX houses fine dining and unique shopping experince combined in this modern very attractive building in the heart of Mannheim.

The Box is situated very conveniently within the infamous Mannheim quadrate and only three minutes by walking to Wasserturm (the Water Tower) and adjasent to the main shopping and dining street within the padestrian zone.

Currently under development and will be opened in the Autumn of 2024.

K1 has seen this unique opportunity to join forces with Nef to purchase an existing low-rise department store building within quadrate and right behind Planken main shopping street in Mannheim and after a short demolition of a its roof and top floor, five storeys will be added, and the building will be a modern apartment with office, restaurants and top retail stores on street and lower levels.

Manheim is the main shopping destination in the region while being the educational and cultural centre for many.


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Under Development - Early Stage

Joining forces once again with Nef, K1 is very excited working on developing a co-living / micro-living project in Mannheim to offer long-term accomodation opportunities to business travellers to the city and the region.

Offering excellent connections via all modes of transport, especially the ICE high-speed train, and main highways A5 and A6, make Mannheim a popular location for international companies, such as ABB, Daimler, John Deere, Roche Diagnostics and Siemens. It is also an important centre for highly specialised software and IT companies, innovative biotechnology firms and service providers in the finance and insurance industries. In addition, the city of 308,000 inhabitants offers an attractive and dynamic environment for start-ups and corporate networks. (Source: Metropol region Rhein-Neckar GmbH).


Since 2006. Mannheim experienced an economic boom thanks to many international multi–billion–dollar corporations, university, cultural activities and municipal investments in city infrastructure, pedestrian zone and cultural activities.

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Under Development - Due Diligence

We develop, build and invest in living spaces of our future.

K1 is a niche real estate developer always thinking out of the box and have basic aproach to develop environmentally friendly projects those respect the city landscapes, inhabitants and it's nature.

Currently a new community project under early stages of development in Rhein-Neckar Region, soon more information will be released once we advance in our development phases.

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