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We founded K1 Holding in Luxembourg in 2016 as the umbrella company and opened our Mannheim (Germany) office with the intention of sourcing real estate projects specifically in Rhein – Neckar Region, throughout the German states of Baden – Württemberg, Hessen, and Rheinland – Pfalz. 

In 2019, together with U.S. based $ 48 Billion alternative investment manager H.I.G. Capital, we finalized our signature project in Mannheim by purchasing aging Mömax building and converting it into a living, breathing commercial, retail and office building and named it “Karree Mannheim”.

In 2022, we established a partnership with one of the largest, if not the largest, residential real estate development company from Turkey to further develop more projects in Mannheim. Some project developments have reached to their final stages before the start of construction. 

We are local experts and a niche player in our field of activity with local knowledge but global vision. We hold and manage properties with a total value of more than € 150 Million. 

In addition, we provide asset, property and facility management for our own projects and other assets in the Rhein – Neckar region.,

We honour the following values:
Customer satisfaction 
Respecting laws
Respecting ethical values



To be the preferred Investment and Consultancy Firm for sourcing and executing sustainable real estate investment projects.


To be recognized as reliable investment partner by all our customers which enhances value we create for our clients.


We give utmost importance to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly projects and minimize carbon footprints by implementing various ESG measures


We produce high quality service, transparent information and maximise customer, partner and eployee satisfaction, and generate benefits for our communities.




CEO & Director

Axel Rust looks back on 24 years’ experience in the auditing and financial services industry in Luxembourg. Prior to providing corporate and fiduciary services, Axel worked for 9 years in one French and two German banks in the treasury asset liability management, actively managing the banks’ risk exposures. In 2006, Axel qualified as a Luxembourg Chartered Accountant. He focuses on financial engineering and on taxation. 

Axel holds a Business Administration degree from the University of Cologne, Germany and an MBA in Operational Research and Quantitative Methods from the University of Louvain-La- Neuve, Belgium. Fluent in German, English and French. 


Axel has two sons and when he was not living in Luxembourg, he was living in Germany which is where he comes from and in Belgium



Head - German Operations

Ömer Nohut is Head of German Operations of "K1 Holding Luxembourg SA". K1 Holding is an investment company whose investors are predominantly institutional investors. Ömer Nohut previously acted as the Managing Director and initiator of the K1 Karree Mannheim Project ( from 2017 – 2019 and successfully lead its value chain life cycle.


Before joining K1, he acted as investment manager and project advisor from July 2014 to April 2017 at another Manheim based firm where his responsibilities included project development and project management of various real estate transactions as well as asset management. In 2004, Ömer Nohut founded and managed a highly successful facility management firm with 2 employees and in 2015 sold it to foreign investors with over 1000 employees.


Ömer Nohut was born in 1981 and married with three children.



Chief Architect & Managing Director at Portfolio Companies

Jochen D. Müller is responsible for the technical and commercial side of our real estate development projects. He managed the development and conversion of K1 Karree Mannheim from 2017 onwards. Prior to that, he led the Business Development of a medium sized cross-regional facility management company and increased turnover and service portfolio significantly. He started his professional career in 2005 as a consultant in a renowned consulting boutique for strategic sales, marketing and pricing and managed international consulting projects in Australia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Italy, Austria and Denmark.

He is a graduate of the Technical University of Darmstadt and studied architecture (intermediate diploma) and industrial engineering, specializing in civil engineering, as well as philosophy and literature out of personal interest.


H.I.G. Capital, LLC (“HIG”)

H.I.G. Capital is a leading global alternative investment firm with $48 Billion of equity capital under management, with a focus on the mid cap segment of the market. The H.I.G. family of funds includes private equity, growth equity, real estate, debt / credit, lending and biohealth. We align ourselves with committed management teams and entrepreneurs and help build businesses of significant value. Our team of over 400 investment professionals has substantial operating, consulting, technology, and financial management experience, enabling us to contribute meaningfully to our portfolio companies.

H.I.G. Capital invests in companies throughout the U.S., Europe and Latin America and have offices in Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta in the U.S., and affiliate offices in London, Hamburg, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, and Paris in Europe as well as Bogotá, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in Latin America.

K1 Holding has been managing Karree Mannheim through Tempus Holding a joint venture between K1 Holding and H.I.G. Capital.

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NEF - Timur Gayrimenkul Geliştirme Yapı ve Yatırım A.Ş. (“Timur”)

Nef is a global real estate brand by Timur which has been shaping real estate market since 2010 with its focus on design excellence, client satisfaction and build quality. The company is currently focusing on developing its pipeline projects and delivering, expanding its knowledge in the field in a global scale. Nef has taken significant steps toward becoming a global brand with its finished projects in New York, London and Kazakhstan. 

Setting new standards in real estate sector, Nef has become the market leader in Turkey with the highest number of concurrent projects, the highest number of sales turnover, consistently, year after year.

Since 2010, Nef has developed more than 37 spectacular projects, with 95% client satisfaction across the region and beyond. For its outstanding work and contribution, Nef has been recognized with more than 60 awards globally. Nef is also the global partner of Galatasaray Football Club and has been the regional partner of FC Barcelona for the period of 2017-2019.

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