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Our operational criterias always are inline with generally accepted "Governance, Risk Management & Compliance" practices.

Meeting with a Lawyer

Corporate Governance

We use accurate and transparent accounting methods, and those stockholders are allowed to vote on important issues.
We avoid conflicts of interest at all levels of hierarchy, never use political contributions to obtain unduly favourable treatment and, especially implement very strict approach not to engage in illegal practices.

We apply necessary set of rules, policies, and processes that ensures corporate activities are aligned to support business goals. It encompasses ethics, resource management, accountability, and management controls.

Business Meeting

Enterprise Risk Management

We implement processes for identifying, assessing, and controlling financial, legal, strategic, and security risks within K1 Holding and its group of companies including joint ventures established with other companies for a specific project development project. To reduce risk, we apply resources to minimize, monitor, and control the impact of negative events while maximizing positive events.

The goal of our risk management program is to achieve corporate objectives while optimizing risk profile and securing value. Part of that task is prioritizing stakeholder expectations and delivering reliable information to those stakeholders.

Our risk management program also applies to identifying cybersecurity and information security threats and risks—such as software vulnerabilities—and implementing plans to reduce them.

From time to time, we assess system performance and effectiveness.

Reviewing Laws

Regulatory Compliance

We strictly comply with rules, regulations, policies, standards, and laws set forth by industries, associations, regulators and / or government agencies including municipalities where ever we operate.

As, some of our business is involved in actual construction work done, we make sure that an incident free work site been created for workers and area surrounding construction site.

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